3rd Weekly Project Posting – Moral Coders (11/27 – Thanksgiving) [updated]

  • What each individual in the group worked on over the last week
    • Tony
      • Checked all posts to make sure nothing’s missing; added new post; reserved lab
    • Caroline
      • I continued to work on the developing the terrain/environment and that’s what I am going to continue to do for the next week
    • Galen
      • Encounter significant problems with the built in path control in the default unity car asset. Car continuously slid off the road and had difficulty controlling the speed throughout the simulation.
    • Frank
      • Worked on determining what kinds of human models we could successfully import and texture in the scene.


  • A description of the accomplishments made
    • Most of the work felt like it was going nowhere because of all of the additional errors that popped up as we were developing the experience.
  • A description of the problems encountered (this section may be short for this week as we are still very early)
    • The collaboration function in unity is very helpful for scripts but doesn’t work well when editing objects or the environment so we have been getting conflict as we try to develop simultaneously.
  • Plans for the upcoming week
    • Work on finding a more effective way of combining everyone’s contributions.
  • At least one piece of media related to your work (image, video, audio, etc)
    • image01
    • Too many errors, warnings and other Unity messages: