Prock Update 5

This week we continued the work of last week.  No major milestones, but we’re having a code synchronization error between Mickey & Ken.  Troubleshooting after class to get it loaded back up.

Ken learned how to connect the vibe controllers to the Unreal engine and got it working.  Also, he was able to get the scaling correct for the box objects.

Mickey is making progress on the execution path lines as well as improving the ordering of the boxes.  The ultimate goal is to make the order as meaningful as possible, so it takes some experimentation.

Logan is getting set up in Unity to begin preparing a static representation of an ideal state design.  The goal is to create a wish-list of features and functionality that work with simple objects and can later be tethered to the working VR code objects.  I’ve included a mockup of a sample ‘dashboard’ type design.

Next week we hope to continue our incremental progress with the touch controllers and code representation.  Also, we hope to build a baseline static unity model that’s eligible for user testing so we can iterate on the design.