11/30 Lights up Dress Weekly Post

This week I was working on the “Shift Register” again.  I was keep working same thing from the last week but added little more. I was founding how many leds can be light up with one shift register with the equal power and how many patterns that I can create from the shift regiester.  Same as last week, I used the borad to connect the shift register, 8 leds together and the  lilly pad. After I sew and connected each other, I run the program to see that it works or not. And I finally figured out that I can use two blinking patterns and speed of them. This week I did not had problems to solve these patterns without that I cannot control the leds individually. I think that it is the problems with the programming the code but, I don’t really know how to solve that problems. So, I think my dress will only have two blinking patterns with different speed. I think I am little bit behind on my sechedule because I think dealing with the shift register and accelerometer will take more time than I thought and I have no idea how to work throgh them by myself. My plan for next week is that I want to start programming the accelerometer and accelerometer with shift register together.