11/23-Lights up Dress Weekly post

I was working on the “Shift Register” again. I was founding how many leds can be light up with one shift register because last week when I was working with the shift register, all the 8 leds aren’t turned on and when the leds truned on the power wasn’t equal between all the leds. Same as last week, I used the borad to connect the shift register, 8 leds together and  the  lilly pad. I wasn’t run the program because I just wanted to know  how many leds can be light up equally with one shift register. So, I just connected to the computer for the power. The problem I had this week was that I might not able to make the pattern that I want to make because I cannot really control the leds individually.  But, I finally figured out how to trun on all the leds equally. I think I am little bit behind on my sechedule becauseI think dealing with the shift register and accelerometer will take more time than I thought. My plan for next week is that I want to finish programming the shift register and start with the accelerometer.