12/7 TypeSafe

This week’s activities:

– Got a nice sweatband and used it to build the first, rough prototype of my device. This involved quite a  bit of stitching, soldering, connecting things with wires, and taping them to other things. Here is what the prototype looks like:


– I’ve also written a good chunk of the Arduino code, though the meat – activity and posture inference – is still missing.

Problems encountered:

– My first attempt at prototype didn’t work at all. IMU was unreliable, due to wiring issues, and I also had a few shorts due to stitching issues (stitching  on this wristband is not as easy as on a rectangular piece of fabric).


– All of the hardware problems that plagued me before seem to have been resolved.

I’m behind my original schedule, but reasonably confident that I’ll have a working prototype in time for the showcase. It just won’t be as full-featured or as pretty as what I originally envisioned.

Plan for next week:

– Implement the activity and posture inference in software.

– Demonstrate a working prototype of the device.

– Make a poster.