12/7 : Lights-up Dress Weekly Post

This week I was working on the sewing the shift regiesters and leds to my dress. I will use two pattern in the picture below to sew the leds and  I will use two blinking patterns that I found last week and speed of them. This week I did not had problems to solve these patterns without that I couldn’t control sewing speed  because the dress is so long  and the leds are very small. I think that the size of leds are the problems because they are really small so it will not be that recognizable when I have only  some of leds. I think I am little bit behind on my sechedule because I think dealing with the shift register and accelerometer will take more time than I thought and I have no idea how to work throgh them by myself. My plan for next week is that I want to start programming the accelerometer and accelerometer with shift register together.



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