End of Semester Considerations

As the end of the semester is rapidly approaching, I thought I would list some thoughts and considerations.

Friday’s event is open to the public
I am guessing we will have between 50-100 people, but the event the last week drew 200+.  In this regard, having a good and functional project is important not only for your grade, but also for your own esteem.

Better late than never
Any work that has not been submitted gets a zero.  Late work however, can get up to 50%.  In this regard, you may want to check back through your postings, assignments, etc and make sure you have something there.  You may also want to email me to let me know if you posted something late so that I don’t miss it.

Projects and posters can not be turned in late
The event happens at 5pm on the 12th.  There is no ability to turn these items in late so make sure they are done on time.

Make sure you are following directions
The project posting guidelines can be found here

Make sure your posts include all of the items.  If they don’t you will lose credit.

Make sure your posts are labelled correctly
If the category for your posts are set up correctly, people following your project will have a tough time.  Be sure all of your posts have the correct label