Flying Lessons

Flying Lessons:
The goal of this project is to understand how flying a plane works. One of my friends just started taking lessons to get his pilots license. I am really jealous after hearing his stories, because I wish I could experience what it is like to fly. Creating a virtual environment of being inside an airplane, would be a great learning experience to see what the controls inside the plane are like, and to be able to experience and control different simulations of taking off and landing. The user will use an Oculus Rift and their field of view would be like they are sitting at the seat of the plane. There would need to be a wheel that they could touch, or perhaps some sort of navigation panel. There will need to be audio of different things happening such as the radio system from the tower, the sound of the plane taking off and landing, instructions from your instructor, etc. The project is meant to be educational, but also fun because everyone wishes they could fly but doesn’t have the money or time to go take flying lessons. It could also be used to help current pilots in training simulate different things such as engine failure and how to handle it.
Project Type:
Educational/ Entertaining
I would love to experience flying so this would be a fun project!
Oculus Rift, other items like a wheel or control panels. A fan to enhance the flying experience. 🙂
Things I Know How To Do:
I know a little bit about making an environment for the user to sit in (the plane itself).
Things I Would Need Help With:
Once sitting in the environment, having the environment move while you are flying.