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Links from Reading 4

From mushahid http://www.colorcube.com/illusions/blndspot.htm   From cclose http://www.simplypsychology.org/eyewitness-testimony.html http://bigthink.com/in-their-own-words/unsolved-mysteries-of-neuroscience-the-binding-problem   From amarah http://adb.sagepub.com/content/21/6/423.abstract   From mrush   From Tony   https://www.facebook.com/zuck/videos/10103154531425531/ From Ken http://ict.usc.edu/pubs/Leveraging%20Change%20Blindness%20for%20Redirection%20in%20Virtual%20Environments.pdf http://www.eagleman.com/research/sensory-substitution   From mbrinza https://cs.stanford.edu/people/eroberts/courses/soco/projects/2000-01/neural-networks/Applications/character.html      

Virtual Moral Machine

I had another idea when watching the projects today – we could mix my project Driving attention test with The Trolley Problem project and include the situations from http://moralmachine.mit.edu/. People would have to make […]

Flying Lessons

Flying Lessons: The goal of this project is to understand how flying a plane works. One of my friends just started taking lessons to get his pilots license. I am […]

VR Tour

Project Description: Every year UW Madison provides a campus visit to the students selected for graduate programs but unfortunately very few international students are able to attend. So this project […]

The Trolley Problem

Project Description: The Trolley Problem (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trolley_problem) is a classic thought experiment in ethics. The idea behind this experiment is to setup a rudimentary virtual environment where a user is asked respond […]

Pokemon GO VR

Project Description: This project would be similar to something that Pokemon GO is doing but in a VR environment where it feels like there’s more interaction with the game and […]