Virtual coffee pavilion(Bixi)


Project Description:

I’m doing a project about a coffee pavilion design for a specific brand, illy. And one part of the exhibition within the pavilion is provide visitors a chance to make coffee by themselves to experience the pleasure. So I’m thinking of using VR to create a scene to have people pick their own coffee beans and make it personally. And at the same time, there will be accompanying sound and smell.

Project Type:

This project is designed as part of the exhibition helping visitors to experience the brand culture thoroughly.


I’m trying different mediums to improve visitors’experience during they are visiting the show. And instead of receive information passively, I’m trying to have them interact more with the space so that they can obtain information more actively.

Device(s) to Be Used:

phone and head-mounted facility

Things I Know How To Do:

how to build models in 3-D software

Things I Would Need Help With:

how to incorporate smell and sound that can have them appear at a specific time whenever people experiencing this scene.