The Trolley Problem


Project Description: The Trolley Problem ( is a classic thought experiment in ethics. The idea behind this experiment is to setup a rudimentary virtual environment where a user is asked respond to the Trolley Problem, as well as its variants, using simple physical motions (like pulling a lever). The experiment would acquire data about participants’ decisions as well as present soft inquiries to them about the motivations behind their choices.

Project Type: This project is meant to conduct an experiment.

Interest: I am interested in this project.

Device(s) to Be Used: The HTC Vive seems the like the best choice of device to me.

Things I Know How To Do: I’m already familiar with the Trolley Problem, many of its variants, as well as a number of the motivations that are involved with the different responses to it. I have some experience with Unity.

Things I Would Need Help With: I do have a programming background, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having more experienced programmers. I have little to no experience with doing 3D graphics or animation.