Nov 17 Update: Flight Simulator Part 2

Group Update:

Mel: I have gotten an airplane to fly around an environment I created on Unity. Right now, there is an airplane model that you can see moving around the environment, instead of being inside the cockpit itself. I am trying to figure out the best way for the users view. This weekend I want to to look into creating a cockpit. I am going to also expand the terrain to a larger scale to make flying more interesting. Probably adding some lakes, maybe some buildings. I want to integrate with the Oculus probably after thanksgiving, and get the main functionality done of everything else before then.


Wasim: I have assembled some parts of AC power control circuitry for controlling FAN. Going forward, my next steps are looking into getting a fan, serial interface between the PC and Arduino, and I am waiting for some parts from Digikey to build the rest of the circuit.