Dec 1st Update Surgery Simulator

What each group member worked on over the last week:

Josh: Worked on making a custom VuMark for the Vuforia tracking.  The standard one was too slow for phones.

Haixiang: Worked on the simulation stuff some more.

Dustin: Worked on improving the Surgery Suite.

Accomplishments made:

Josh: Finished making VuMarks.  Now VuMarks with tags 1-127 can be used.  (That means we can have different tags for different things if we want!)


Haixiang: Got the skin-stretching part of the simulation working while streaming.

Dustin: Finished collisions, added some new items to the suite, added sound and controller movement

Problems Encountered:

Josh: Adobe Illustrator is awful.  Took a while to get a custom tag designed.

Haixiang: When off the schools network the streaming can be a bit slow.

Dustin: Some collisions were a little messed up.  Originally, the floor could be picked up.


A couple things are left before we’re totally done.  We need to combine all our parts together, add networking to the phone so it can see where the Vive headset is, and finish the cutting part of the simulation.