Explorers 12/1 Update

Update – 4 – Due December 1st


  • What each individual in the group worked on over the last week


      • Ekta, Mushahid:
        • Captured a 360 video with ricoh theta and tried recording the audio in phone in parallel since we couldn’t find microphone this week.
        • Tried integrating the captured audio with the 360 video using unity or other softwares.
      • Ivan:
        • Follow up with the campus relations team


  • A description of the accomplishments made


      • No major accomplishments this week, as we have our setup ready and we are just trying things out before we get an appointment with campus tour relations and capture our final 360 video recording.
      • Found how to add spatial audio to 360 video using soundfield microphone though we couldn’t do this week due to unavailability of microphone. https://acousticengineering.wordpress.com/2016/08/30/adding-spatial-audio-to-ricoh-theta-360-video/
    • A description of the problems encountered (this section may be short for this week as we are still very early)
      • Need to have soundfield microphone so that we can have spatial audio instead of mono audio.


  • Plans for the upcoming week


      • Follow up and get a final appointment with campus relation team
      • Capture the final video with the tour guide of the entire campus
      • Project the final video into the Oculus and test the experience
      • Enhance the virtual tour experience if possible given the remaining time constraint


  • At least one piece of media related to your work (image, video, audio, etc)