12/8 Prock Update

What was worked on:

Ken: Started working with the oculus touch controllers.  He was able to fix some of the original errors we were having and built-out the boxActor interactions (grab, move, etc).

Logan:  Built out the initial stages of a Unity model to mirror ‘ideal state’ functionality with different shapes for different objects.  Began adding scripts for player control.  Tried to do the same in Unreal for code compatibility.

Mickey:  Continued work on Splining.



Ken: Fixed major teleportation errors & implemented touch controller functionality.

Logan:  Built out the initial stages of the ‘companion’ model.

Mickey:  Incremental progress with Splining.



Ken:  Nothing too serious this week, lots of breakthroughs.

Logan:  Issues compiling group’s code in unreal, working with Mickey & Ken in class to solve.  Also, ran into some issues with the movements scrips.  Need to debug.

Mickey:  Nothing serious, continued question of ‘what layout makes sense’


Next steps:

Ken:  Build out the interface to include a menu and keyboard.

Logan:  Polish the model, try to rebuild in Unreal, and UX test.

Mickey:  Keep working with splining & pulling all of the elements together.