12/8 Surgery Post



Worked On: Dustin – Finished up some in game objects and related scripts. Haixiang – Combined the surgical simulator with the room and programmed the in game tools to act as surgical instruments. Josh – Added the tracking needed to monitor with an android phone.

Accomplishments:  We combined the surgical simulation with the surgery room. We also added the tracking so we could monitor with an android phone.

Problems:  We had some difficulty with the scaling as we added the human figure to do the surgery simulation on. Since the room and body were developed separately, significant scaling had to be done to get it all to look as one. Also, getting the objects to do what they were supposed to do was difficult. We also have concerns with the frame rate.

Plans: We will finish linking the in game surgical tools with the surgical simulation and then make sure the phone can capture what we are doing in the simulation. We are then going to make a video for our presentation.