Daily Archives: December 8, 2016

23/11 Post

Progress: Haixiang – I finished the network mesh stream with unity and simulation server. Current everything using keyboard and mouse. Josh – Created a tracking tag for the vuforia tracking […]

12/8 Update

What each individual in the group worked on over the last week: Danny: Added codes to prevent overturn: No rotation in any direction should go cross the down direction. This […]

12/8 Prock Update

What was worked on: Ken: Started working with the oculus touch controllers.  He was able to fix some of the original errors we were having and built-out the boxActor interactions (grab, move, […]

12/8 Surgery Post

  Worked On: Dustin – Finished up some in game objects and related scripts. Haixiang – Combined the surgical simulator with the room and programmed the in game tools to […]