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For class 10/6/15 Post Comments by 11:59 pm on 10/4/14 What it is like to see: A sensorimotor theory of perceptual experience by O’Regan and Noe Discussion (Pick 5) Do you agree that the authors theory “provides a unifying framework in which to consider the relations between sensory experience in […]

New Classroom for Tuesday

    We will have a new room for our discussion classes.  The room will be at 1109 at the Mcardle Building on 1400 University Ave.  To get to the classroom, take the elevator to the 10th floor and then take the stairs to the 11th floor. The building is between […]

Unity and Oculus Rift Getting Started

This document is meant to help get us started with some of the tools we will us in the class.  Please either add comments or make new posts with problems and solutions you come across in trying to get software and hardware to working on your system. First get Unity: […]

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For class 9/29/15 Post Comments by Sunday, 11:59 pm on 2/27/15 Defining virtual reality: Dimensions determining telepresence Jonathan Steuer  Discussion (Pick 5 of items below.  Each response should be at least a paragraph) In what ways do you think the author’s view on Telepresence differs from Slater’s use of presence? […]

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Experience Virtual Reality, Get $5!

We’re studying perception in virtual reality, and we need your help! We’ll ask you to perform simple tasks in virtual space as we observe and ask about your experiences. Sessions last about 40-minutes, and you’ll get $5! Times are flexible; we want as many people as we can get this […]

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For class 9/22/15 Post Comments by 11:59 pm on 9/20/15   Place illusion and plausibility can lead to realistic behaviour in immersive virtual environments Mel Slater The ethics of representation and action in virtual reality Philip Brey   Discussion: Post 1 (Pick 3, write one paragraph for each): Do you agree […]