Assignment 2: Individual Project Pitch

Due for Class 10/8/15

This is assignment is to give a pitch for a project you would be interested in pursuing.  You will give roughly a 5 minute presentation in class.  Things you should cover in your presentation:

  • What you proposing to attempt.  Is it an experience, an experiment, a game, etc
  • Why you think this project would be interesting
  • What device(s) you would consider using (e.g. the Oculus Rift, the CAVE, Google Cardboard, etc)
  • Things you think you know how to do
  • Things you don’t think you know how to do

After you finish the presentation we will open up for questions.  Pay attention to everyone  presentations.  After class I will have you email me:

  • Two to three projects you would be interested on working on
  • Projects you would definitely not want to work on

Here is an FAQ  (note: I will try to update it as questions arise)

Do I need to know how to do what I pitching?

At this stage we will work a very conceptual level.  Don’t worry if you have no idea of how to implement your idea.  That type of thinking will be for when we split up into teams.

Have projects generated in this class been used beyond class?

Yes, they have. Two projects have turned into showcase pieces being the galaxy visualization and the ski mountain experience.

What kind of ideas have worked in the past?

Here is just a collection of projects.



L80RM walk_platform

 IMG_0066 spacemuffins













Those are just a handful of ideas.  Please email if you would like to bounce ideas for projects.  Remember that this project pitch is not the final declaration of what you will be doing for the final project, that will be decided on a team by team basis.  At the end of the day the goal is to come up with cool project ideas and to have fun.