Space Elevator: Final Post

Describe the operation of your final project. What does it do and how does it work?   Our project was planned as a space elevator and time travel simulator. Users would start in the future in space. In operation it was a scientifically accurate high resolution model of the Earth […]

Poster Guidelines

For Saturday’s Showcase event I would like each group to create a poster to help quickly convey information about the project. Each poster should contain: The name of the project The names of the members of group The motivation for the project A description of how users interact with the […]

Space Elevator, week 6

Individual Efforts: B: Fixed navMeshAgent script issue with camping way points. There was a large difference between the collided sizes and the agent was getting stuck inside the way point and triggering too many on hit events. Scaled NASA data so it would work better with Unity. The Earth now […]

Space Elevator, week 2

What did we do this week? Bryce storyboarded some scenes from Bioshock to see how the game conveys motion and story through environment, and found scientific research on GMOs for interaction and visualization data. He also began setting up a scene in Unity and exposed himself to some tutorials on […]

Space Elevator Posting

Maddie – Played intro to Bioshock and beginning to reverse storyboard playthrough Trevor – Played intro to Half Life 2 and beginning to reverse storyboard playthrough Liang – Played intro to Portal 2 and beginning to reverse storyboard playthrough, found some media for possible visualizations (Cosmos – Neil DeGrasse Tyson) […]