Team Exploring Interfaces – W3 Update

What we did

Scheduling conflicts resulted in us not meeting this past week. Anticipating this, we all worked individually on our stated tasks from last week.

Individual reports

  • Alex worked with a leap motion, trying to get it to detect grasping motions.
  • Dave added support for Xbox controllers as an input device and added an interface to log to a CSV
  • Nicky added a driver for trackball movements.
  • Ryan has the Wiimote working with his OS, and switched to Arch Linux so that he could use OSVR easily.


  • We’re all somewhat comfortable with Unity at this point.
  • We’re relatively close to being done with our backup plan and have been brainstorming about where we want to go from there.
  • The input methods have been easier to work in than anticipated.


  • Still somewhat unsure of our methodology– not confident of what metrics we should collect.
  • As we’re writing more code, testing becomes more important and it’s difficult with our old/underpowered computers.

Plans for the upcoming week

  • Keep adding any input methods we can get our hands on.
  • Create different test modes such that interfaces are treated differently
    • (eg: Should the user have to reset the position of the joystick back to the starting point? Should the game reset it for them?)
  • Hook everything into the logging and make sure we can test for anything interesting.