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For class 10/27/15
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Towards Virtual Reality for the Masses: 10 Years of Research at Disney’s VR Studio
Mark Mine

Serious games continuum: Between games for purpose and experiential environments for purpose
Tim Marsh

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Discussion Article 1 (write a paragraph for each)

  1. For the listed systems choose three design decisions that you thought were wise. Describe what issues you thought these decisions addressed.
  2. For the listed systems choose three design decisions that you thought werestrange or misguided.  Describe you issues with the choices and what other approaches you think they could have taken.
  3. What jumped out to you from this paper?  This could be something you found interesting or curious.

Discussion Article 2 (Pick 3)

  1. Do you agree with the author’s definition of serious games (p 63)?  Do you agree with the continuum on Figure 1?  Can something be a game and have no gaming characteristics for experience?
  2. Choose one of the examples listed in section 3.x.  Find and list a  video or external reference for the example.  Discuss how you would position this example on the continuum.
  3. Do you agree with the author’s discussion point that serious gaming is a form of cost-effective VR?  Do you think all of VR could be considered a form of serious gaming?
  4. Define and discuss the term ‘games’.  Discuss how your definition agrees or contradicts this article
  5. You may find a term or topic that you are unfamiliar with.  If you would like to, do a little research on the subject (wikipedia would be a good place to start). Briefly describe your understanding of this concept and how confident you are about this understanding.