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For class 11/10/15
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The Use of Immersive Virtual Reality in the Learning Sciences: Digital
Transformations of Teachers, Students, and Social Context
Jeremy N. Bailenson and Nick Yee, Jim Blascovich and Andrew C. Beall, Nicole Lundblad, Michael Jin
Discussion (Pick 3)
  1. In the Introduction section (pp. 103-111), choose a study that sounds interesting, odd, or strange to you.  Describe why.
  2. Do you think the results of these experiments would be different in a CAVE environment?  Why or why not.
  3. If you were going to do another experiment in this series, what would you want to study?  Briefly describe.
  4. Based on the results of these experiments, how would you design a virtual learning environment?
  5. Find a topic that you interesting, dubious, or curious and explain why.