Team Object

Team Object – Final Post

Final results, from Team Object!   Public project pitch poster:   Question Responses:   What does your project do, and how does it work? Our project is a hide-and-seek based game we call Object Encounter.  It consists of 4 players, where one player is a hunter, who searches for the […]

Team Object – Update Week 6

Individual Accomplishments Andrew “I began implementation on raycasting the main menu so that the game can be started more easily with the Oculus Rift.  I also looked into sound options in the Unity asset store, so that I can add sound effects to player movement and interactions.  Lastly, I has […]

Team Object – Update Week 5

Individual Efforts Andrew “I managed to improve upon the existing main menu, by adding a 3D background of our current environment, changing a few fonts, and adding some jazzy background music.  I also added background music to the in-game environment. Further, I began looking into our demo configuration, since we will need […]

Team Object – Update Week 4

Individual Efforts Andrew “I created a main menu UI that works with the existing Network Manager, so it has a nicer appearance, and is visible when wearing the Oculus Rift.  It involved writing a new script to use the network manager script, and learning how canvases worked with panels and […]

Team Object – Update Week 3

Individual Efforts Andrew “I continued to work on my multiplayer implementation, in order to get full functionality in terms of update player transforms/rotations (so it looks like you are moving around to other clients), as well as testing on multiple computers via LAN, which works!  It involves using a local […]

Team Object – Update Week 2

Individual Efforts  Andrew “I managed to figure out multiplayer implementation in Unity, in terms of setting up a server (as host) with 3 clients.  The implementation is not finished, as I still have some scripts to write in order to properly update player information to all players.  However, I have […]