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Space Elevator Posting

Maddie – Played intro to Bioshock and beginning to reverse storyboard playthrough Trevor – Played intro to Half Life 2 and beginning to reverse storyboard playthrough Liang – Played intro to Portal 2 and beginning to reverse storyboard playthrough, found some media for possible visualizations (Cosmos – Neil DeGrasse Tyson) […]

Eco Nut: Week 1

  Catlateral Damage   Individual Reports: Eric started storyboarding the flow of the game and transcribed notes for our meetings. Kang also started storyboarding the flow of the game and built the presentation for Thursday. Ike offered ideas to aide in tackling the issue of the flow and timeline of the game. Tyler took […]

Team Object – Update Week 1 (with Timeline)

Individual Efforts Andrew experimented with Unity, making a couple games and some test projects to understand how Unity works, essentially.  In addition, he researched a few classes in C# that are integrated into Unity, and learned how to implement them to do basic operations such as control a camera, move a […]

Reading 8

For class 11/23/15 Post Comments by 11:59 pm on 11/1/15 Questioning naturalism in 3D user interfaces By Doug A. Bowman, Ryan P . McMahan, and Eric D. Ragan Communications of the ACM 2012 vol. 55 (9) or get it from box   Discussion (Write a paragraph on each of […]

Links from Reading 7

From gfreking From sizhuo From hkang Scalable City: The Night Journey: From dave_s Scalable City: From achase Link to Cities: Skylines Trailer – I reference it From mmeylor From liangwang From Alex Fatworld: From Ike

Group Posting Format for 10/29

We will now begin weekly project posts, due before class on Thursday. Each week, the post needs to contain: What each individual in the group worked on over the last week A description of the accomplishments made A description of the problems encountered (this section may be short for this week […]

Eco’s World

We talked about: A personal Assistant(cute animal) that guides a user through the effects of environmentalism, world economy, etc   Your team name: Eco’s World A description of what you want to do We want to create an environment that reflects the realities of Global Warming. The premise is that […]

Bryce, Liang, Madelyne, Trevor Project

* A description of what you want to do: – Illustrate the changes occurring on earth’s surface and beyond from human activities as users move into space. Visualize what humans cannot see or understand without specific knowledge. We hope to use the pointer wand to allow users to select hotspots […]