Eco’s World

We talked about:

A personal Assistant(cute animal) that guides a user through the effects of environmentalism, world economy, etc


Your team name: Eco’s World

A description of what you want to do

  • We want to create an environment that reflects the realities of Global Warming. The premise is that a magical (virtual) snowfox the user stumbles upon on an expedition needs to find its way home. The Snow fox will act as a virtual assistant and storyteller( much like Henry) while the user will act as a detective working to return the snow fox home. Along the way the user will use an interface to interact with the snowfox in order to learn more about the realities of Global Warming.

Concept art (at least one image)




What equipment you plan to use

  • Oculus VR
  • Unity

A description of what you think you know how to do (as a group)

  • Unity Programming/ Setting up Scenes
  • 3D Modeling

A description of things you are less sure you know how to do (as a group)

  • Implementing assistant API and functionality

What are your first steps

  • Identifying assets online that we can use to build our world and draft out a storyline through storyboarding