Eco Nut

Eco Nut: Final Post

Video Link:     Describe the operation of your final project. What does it do and how does it work? It is a VR game that aims to serve as a tool to raise environmental awareness. Most of environmental games are typically designed to visualize energy saving efforts players make […]

Eco Nut: Week 6

Accomplishment as a team We met together last Friday and yesterday and finished the storyboard. We also tested our model with Oculus Rift. So far, there is no issue with connecting. Introduction Gazelle warns a player not to interrupt the beautiful forest Play Mission message —> “Go Nuts” and destroy […]

Eco Nut: Week 5

Eric: Environment Manager tracks items in containers and populates the environment meter accordingly Fixed bugs with picking up objects and shooting them Implemented weather effects in test environment     Tyler: Built layout of home with walls and floors Arranged furniture inside of the rooms / spaces Added creepy fish […]

Eco Nut Week 4

What Got Done Eric: Created Interactive object script that defines whether an object is equippable, a switch, or a container. Equippable objects can be picked up and placed back down. Implementation to throw equippable objects will also be created. This is so the player can pick up objects like trash […]

Eco Nut: Week 3

Accomplishment made by team   Trial of HTC Vive Storyboard and Interaction Design Testing Unity Assets and combining them together       1.Trial of HTC Vive Tyler set up a HTC Vive in SoHE VR lab. All of us tried 3-4 games with HTC Vive and discussed how we would […]

Eco Nut: Week 2

What Got Done Group: We set up GitHub so we can all commit to the same Unity project and work collaboratively across machines.   Eric: Worked on First Person Camera/creating reticule to select objects. There was a need to decide between creating a main camera w/ a reticule or using the […]

Eco Nut: Week 1

  Catlateral Damage   Individual Reports: Eric started storyboarding the flow of the game and transcribed notes for our meetings. Kang also started storyboarding the flow of the game and built the presentation for Thursday. Ike offered ideas to aide in tackling the issue of the flow and timeline of the game. Tyler took […]

Eco’s World

We talked about: A personal Assistant(cute animal) that guides a user through the effects of environmentalism, world economy, etc   Your team name: Eco’s World A description of what you want to do We want to create an environment that reflects the realities of Global Warming. The premise is that […]