Q: What is the current course number that I register under?

The current course number is DS 501 (56676).  However the number is likely to change in the near future.


Q: What types of students have taken this course in the past?

The students taking this course in the past have come from Computer Science, Interior Architecture, Textile Fashion Design, Computer Engineering, Math, Music, Education and Art.  Students from other fields are welcome as well.


Q: What are the expected requirements for taking this course?

The only prereq for the course is sophomore standing.  If you are a freshmen and interested in taking the course please contact me directly (kbponto at wisc .edu).  However, the class will be technologically motivated; therefore students should be comfortable learning new software.  The class will utilize publically available game design software which provides tools and services for the creation of interactive content.  While not necessary, students may find it helpful to have taken classes in programming and computer graphics (such Computer Science 559: Computer Graphics) or in 3D modeling (such as Art 429: 3D Digital Studio I or DS 242: Visual Communication II).


Q: Can I receive credit for this course in Computer Science?

Yes, in the past students have been able to successfully petition for this course to count for CS credit without issue.  However, this will soon be even easier as this course will have a permanent number in both the Design Studies Department and the Computer Sciences Department.


Q: Can I take this course more than once?

While 30% of the course is likely to be new each time the course is taught, this is probably not a large enough percent to make it beneficial to take the course a second time.  My suggestion is take an independent study with me that is targeted at the area(s) of virtual and augmented reality that you find most interesting.


Q: Do I need to be able to program to take this course?

No you don’t need to be able to program to take this course.  However, this course will be very tech heavy, so this course should be taken by individuals happy to dive into new programs and technology.


Q: How much programming will occur in the course?

The course will utilize the Unity Game Engine.  Unity is great in the sense that it provides a drag-and-drop interface and a great deal of development can be done with very little programming.  Final projects will be in groups which will distribute talent, enabling students to work with others with different talents.