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For class 11/24/15
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A Survey of Visual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality Gaming

Much like last week, I will leave discussion points open to you.  Remember that the expectation is for you to write 4 paragraphs in your response.

Here are some ideas of things which you could discuss if you struggling:

Compare and contrast the three different types of display technologies (head-mounted display, handheld display, and spatial immersive display).  What are the benefits and detriments of each of these technologies?

What do you believe the best application of Augmented might be in the future?  Will AR gaming be bigger than other applications?

The author puts their own opinions and experiences in this piece (something that is actually usual for these types of publications).  Do you find this useful?  Do you agree with the opinions of the author?

Do you think new technologies such as the Hololens will change Augmented Reality or is just a passing fade?