Eco Nut: Final Post

Video Link:     Describe the operation of your final project. What does it do and how does it work? It is a VR game that aims to serve as a tool to raise environmental awareness. Most of environmental games are typically designed to visualize energy saving efforts players make […]

Team Object – Final Post

Final results, from Team Object!   Public project pitch poster:   Question Responses:   What does your project do, and how does it work? Our project is a hide-and-seek based game we call Object Encounter.  It consists of 4 players, where one player is a hunter, who searches for the […]

Eco Nut: Week 6

Accomplishment as a team We met together last Friday and yesterday and finished the storyboard. We also tested our model with Oculus Rift. So far, there is no issue with connecting. Introduction Gazelle warns a player not to interrupt the beautiful forest Play Mission message —> “Go Nuts” and destroy […]

Team Object – Update Week 6

Individual Accomplishments Andrew “I began implementation on raycasting the main menu so that the game can be started more easily with the Oculus Rift.  I also looked into sound options in the Unity asset store, so that I can add sound effects to player movement and interactions.  Lastly, I has […]

Space Elevator, week 5

Individual Efforts:   B: I figured out my agent navigation problems and I have them correctly orienting to the user. I found NASA datasets and high resolution images that should be very easy to use as textures and normal maps for the Earth. Started working with video textures, but I […]

Eco Nut: Week 5

Eric: Environment Manager tracks items in containers and populates the environment meter accordingly Fixed bugs with picking up objects and shooting them Implemented weather effects in test environment     Tyler: Built layout of home with walls and floors Arranged furniture inside of the rooms / spaces Added creepy fish […]

Team Object – Update Week 5

Individual Efforts Andrew “I managed to improve upon the existing main menu, by adding a 3D background of our current environment, changing a few fonts, and adding some jazzy background music.  I also added background music to the in-game environment. Further, I began looking into our demo configuration, since we will need […]