Team Exploring Interfaces, Week 5

Rotating one capsule to match another capsule.

New task: rotation.

What we did.

We have our second task: rotation.

We also addressed two problems:

1: All of our tests so far are screenspace mouse tests; this means we need to see a screenspace mouse cursor in VR.  This is done, but it was harder than expected.  We ended up sidestepping Unity’s UI system completely: we place a cursor in the world that moves on a plane glued some distance in front the viewer, and set a flag in its shader causing it to ignore depth buffers and draw “on top” of the rest of the world.

2: Our Wiimote code is currently running on Linux, which means we need to: run a Rift from a Linux machine; send the data to a windows machine via network connection; or, connect Wiimotes to windows directly.  Each comes with its own problems; we’re still deciding.


Individual Reports

  • Alex finished software screenspace cursor display, and integrated it with the Leap.
  • Dave started software cursor display, and built the rotation task.
  • Nicky worked with the trackball and OSVR.
  • Ryan worked with the Wiimote and either connecting a Rift to Linux, or a Wiimote to windows.



  • Software screenspace cursor allows our current task to be run in VR.
  • Rotation task gives us something else to test.



  • Unity has been kind of a pain on Linux.  It has mostly stopped crashing.


Plans for the upcoming week

  • Decide how to connect Wiimote and VR.
  • Start wrapping things up as a final product.
  • Test everything.