Team Object – Update Week 5

Individual Efforts


“I managed to improve upon the existing main menu, by adding a 3D background of our current environment, changing a few fonts, and adding some jazzy background music.  I also added background music to the in-game environment. Further, I began looking into our demo configuration, since we will need 4 computers and multiple Oculus Rifts.  I’m looking into which players need/should have an Oculus Rift, and will try to maximize our setup so that the demo is enjoyable, easy to setup/take down, and has the power to run everything smoothly without performance issues or in-game sickness arising.”




“Last week I wrote a script which allows players to open and close doors. This is done by rotate the door around an axis. The transform of the door is computed at every moment directly. Perhaps it would be easier to implement using hinge joints, though I didn’t look into that. Also I attached a UI canvas to the player, and show a message when the player is pointing at a prop.”


Sizhuo’s work





Grayson continued to add to/debug the working environment.  We’ve been having some significant collider and lighting issues, which Grayson has been looking into and fixing.  He also found a router for us to use, which we have already performed testing with.


Accomplishments Made by Team

We pretty much just debugged the project, and improved certain aspects in terms of visual appeal and performance.  The weekend before Thanksgiving, all three of us met up and tested the game across multiple computers.  We did not get to do too much functional testing, but it gave us an idea of how many problems we still had, and how far we have yet to go before we have a polished game.  At this point, the game is fully functional (without respawning).



Andrew found out that the newer Oculus Runtimes are not functional with laptops with more than one GPU device, which we planned on using for the demo.  This was discovered during our play testing.  Andrew is also having a couple issues with sound, which shouldn’t be much of an issue to fix.

Grayson is still finding issues with colliders concerning the player (clipping), so he is looking for alternate player models (and possible looking at on trigger effects) to see what the issue is.  At this moment, the player can go through pretty much everything.

Sizhuo ran into several coding issues, mostly with learning new techniques with updating transforms of objects.


Plans for the Next Week

Andrew plans on adding sound effects to the game and improving the in-game UI appeal, as well as debug some issues in the game as a whole.  He also plans on searching for option in terms of project presentation, as well as scheduling time to perform more play testing with multiple computers in different setups.

Sizhuo will also focus on debugging, and possibly adding a respawn mechanism that will reset hiders once they are killed (we may incorporate a point system to determine a winner).

Grayson will apply the finishing touches to the environment, including debugging, adding the final props, and assigning prop tags to objects, to set up what objects players can turn into.


As planned, the game is in a running state, though still rough.  But now that the end of the semester is coming close, we can spend most of our time improving the project so it is more appealing to play, instead of rushing to have a functioning product.  We will perform more play testing, and possibly meet with the professor to discuss setup options, and to get advice on what we should improve upon with our limited remaining time.