Final Class Assignments

For the end of class we will have two last items for you to do: Item #1: Final Project Post First, upload an image of your poster.  Alternatively you can upload a video of your project in action. Next answer these questions in your post: Describe the operation of your […]

Project Selections

Send me an email by noon tomorrow with your project selections if you want to put in your input.  Here is a quick recap: Eric: Fully Interactive Google Maps Grayson: Virtual Labyrinth Maze Ike: Google Street View for Virtual Tourism, Entertainment in a virtual sports or music game Bryce: Tea Time, Shadow Groove or Space Elevator Sizhuo: 1st […]

Assignment 2: Individual Project Pitch

Due for Class 10/8/15 This is assignment is to give a pitch for a project you would be interested in pursuing.  You will give roughly a 5 minute presentation in class.  Things you should cover in your presentation: What you proposing to attempt.  Is it an experience, an experiment, a game, […]

Assignment 1

Due: For class 9/3/15 This is a simple assignment to get us started. Find an article about Virtual or Augment Reality that you find interesting, silly, inspiring, provocative, etc.  Post the the link in the comments below.  Comments will need to be approved by me (this will make sense when […]