Space Elevator

Space Elevator, week 5

Individual Efforts:   B: I figured out my agent navigation problems and I have them correctly orienting to the user. I found NASA datasets and high resolution images that should be very easy to use as textures and normal maps for the Earth. Started working with video textures, but I […]

Space Elevator, week 4

Individual Efforts: Bryce: Learned how to animate with lerp in Unity, and learned about agents and npc scripting. Cleaned up assets for elevator entry scene and began to model it with different lighting and shaders. Experimented with reflection probes and custom materials. Liang: Wrote a draft of the plot, trying […]

Space Elevator, week 3

Bryce: Learned about materials and shaders in Unity. Begin composing elevator scene. Found Earth and many shader, environment, and utility assets. Liang: Searched through the Unity Asset Store and found some 3D models that might be useful. Began work on writing the story line but found it would too complex […]

Space Elevator, week 2

What did we do this week? Bryce storyboarded some scenes from Bioshock to see how the game conveys motion and story through environment, and found scientific research on GMOs for interaction and visualization data. He also began setting up a scene in Unity and exposed himself to some tutorials on […]