Team Exploring Interfaces, Wk6


We had a lot of scattered code, so we’ve consolidating things: Everything now works on windows, on a single computer.


Everybody met and discussed plans for the final form of the app: did we want to work on polish, adding more devices, or more tasks?  We decided on more tasks, a little bit of polish, and no new devices.


We’ll all make a few tasks in the form of 3-second minigames; each input device will play all of the games, and our main measure will be success or failure within the individual games.  Tasks aren’t restricted to measuring simple atomic actions.  Also, there’s now a desk.


Alex built his crazy plan for the foundation code of the final stuff.

Everyone else was waiting on Alex until last night, while planning tasks; now we can all plug our tasks into the final code.



Wiimote works on windows.

Most of what’s left to do is polish.



Everyone is busy and / or sick, which made meeting up difficult.

Alex accidentally pushed a model with 5,000 textures to the git repo.



Tasks; Polish.