Eco Nut: Week 3

Accomplishment made by team


  • Trial of HTC Vive
  • Storyboard and Interaction Design
  • Testing Unity Assets and combining them together





1.Trial of HTC Vive

Tyler set up a HTC Vive in SoHE VR lab. All of us tried 3-4 games with HTC Vive and discussed how we would be able to use HTC Vive for our project. One problem we might have is limited interactive VR space with HTC Vive. As we want our player to explore large space this is potential challenge of using HTC Vive. After trying the various demos, we tested our own assets in the Vive and immediately saw how we could possibly interact with the environment. It was strange to walk around in a low-poly world. Unfortunately, we may not have the Vive until the end of the semester, so development on Vive is still uncertain. Most properties should transfer between the DK2 and the Vive, so we can still move forward with development.


2. Storyboard and interaction Design

2.1. Storyboard Creation

1.     Start

Gazelle’s Narration on Global Warming (1-2minutes)

A player starts the game by exploring a beautiful forest (Visual cues: Snow on the top of the mountain, thickly wooded hills, clear lake, forest animal running everywhere, clear sky etc). At a point in the forest an annoyed gazelle (Or herd of gazelle) approach the player muttering and cursing in the general direction of the player. The gazelle guides the player back to the house, most likely in an attempt to keep them there so they don’t cause any environmental harm. During this short journey, the gazelle tells the player how nature could be beautifully preserved in this place without human interruption. But, now that the human is here, there is practically no hope. The gazelle laments about the variety of things that a human could mess up in the forest environment. She tells a story that too much of carbon dioxide trapped heat and warmed the planet and blames irrational behavior of human resulting in global warming.  At the door deer asks the player to not do anything stupid inside of the house to ruin the environment, and then asks that the human stay in the home as to not ruin the environment outside.  

2.     In the House

A spider(or evil deer whatever. I could not come up with animal that represents evilness/darkness) welcome a player in the house and ask him/her to destroy environment instead.

2.1) Trash everything!

A spider tell a player that trash in the landfill release methane gas. But so what? he ask a player to dump everything into trash can and do not recycle. Then player is guided to throw them away or dump in the water

    1. Triggers and Effect
      1. Nicely arranged fruits and cartons of milk→ this should be recycled but dump into plastic bag rather than recycle can
      2. Plastic bag full of trash→ dump what’s inside in the water

→ Green-house gas increase. Green-house meter goes up

→ Sky turns grey

2.2) Turn on the Air Conditioning! Turn on the Lights! TV! Turn on everything!

A spider tells a player that the energy used to power, heat, and cool our home is the single largest contributor to global warming. We burn fossil fuels for energy and carbon dioxides accumulates in the air. As a player turn on more electricity and freeze the house by turning thermostat to 30 degree carbon dioxide meter goes up.

    1. Triggers and Effect
      1. Thermostat set to LOW → Things start to freeze in the living room
      2. Turn on all switches → Lights, TV, Hair dryer, Speaker sets etc.

2.3)Additional Interaction design

Leave all the water running

  1. Triggers
  2. Effect: Streams in the outside environment dry out, Ground starts to crack,Animals dying

3. Testing Unity Assets and combining them together

interior interior_deskforest_demo

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.41.06 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.41.11 PM