Bryce, Liang, Madelyne, Trevor Project


* A description of what you want to do:

– Illustrate the changes occurring on earth’s surface and beyond from human activities as users move into space. Visualize what humans cannot see or understand without specific knowledge. We hope to use the pointer wand to allow users to select hotspots on Earth that will display various visualizations. E.g. point at the ocean to see water level changes, point at a forest to see deforestation impacts. We will use a narrative to give context to the interactions. The goal being a far future examination of how humans have shaped the Earth. This story doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending.


* What equipment you plan to use

– CAVE, pointer wand, Unity

* A description of what you think you know how to do (as a group)

– Moderate programming ability, 3D modeling, illustration, story-telling, educational design

* A description of things you are less sure you know how to do (as a group)

– how to use Unity, the CAVE; 3D/2D animation

* What are your first steps:

– Story board narrative, determining the technical limitations, deciding what visualizations to work with.