Team Exploring Interfaces – W1 Update (Timeline)

What we did

This week we all looked around for interesting things that will help us brainstorm — things people are doing in VR, things we think maybe people should try in VR.  We meet on Friday to share them.

Last week:

Nicky and Ryan tried compiling OSVR.

Dave and Alex discussed potential interfaces.

Everybody looked at using the Leap in Unity, and discussed things.



Last week, we met and:

  • discussed potential actions and interfaces
  • talked about compositing actions
  • installed basic stuff
  • looked at OSVR, starting trying to compile it
  • talked about maybe doing something in the CAVE, and/or with head tracking and a monitor (via wiimote)

We have working, in Unity on Windows:

  • Hand Tracking – Leap Motion



We’re still coming up with a focus; there’s a lot to choose from.

Some of the things we want to use need to be compiled or otherwise prepped, which is always a bit of a pain.

Windows 10 can only run the latest Oculus Rift runtimes, and those won’t allow older demos to run.  This makes it hard to see what interfaces other people have made.


Plans for the upcoming week

  • Brainstorming on Friday, maybe looking at more Leap demos.
  • Deciding, for the first mock up:
    • tools
    • measures
    • task, inputs, interfaces
  • Start work on mock 1 before end of the week.
  • Talking more about possible stretch goals.


At least one piece of media related to your work

leap in unity - robo thumbs up



This Week, and Throughout:

  • find interesting interface problems:
    • what are people doing in VR already?
    • what are people doing that we think would work well in VR?
  • start building mockup framework
    • what do we want to measure/record?
    • what do we want to show?
    • what input methods can we get working?

First half November:

  • finish at least one full mockup: task, input, and interface

Second half November:

  • run a few people through mockup(s), look at the data


  • overflow for all the things we don’t finish in November
  • extra time to push for more things
  • package and deliver final products


Potential Extra Things

  • more tasks, input methods, interfaces
  • make something cool that uses our inputs / interfaces
  • try to integrate findings with existing tools? (window managers, etc)



Hopefully our first mock-up is our fallback.  We’re trying to start small and build from there.


Any changes in concept

Not yet.  But might still happen.  We have lots of ideas.  Our fallback should still be doable, regardless.