Team Object – Update Week 3

Individual Efforts


“I continued to work on my multiplayer implementation, in order to get full functionality in terms of update player transforms/rotations (so it looks like you are moving around to other clients), as well as testing on multiple computers via LAN, which works!  It involves using a local IP address that can be changed during runtime, which makes the implementation rather convenient for our project plans.  I was also going to work on ‘multiplayer cleanup’ by destroying player objects when they leave the game, etc., but it appears that the network manager does some of this for us, so we don’t need to modify/add any more scripts.  All-in-all, I believe that the multiplayer functionality has been completed, unless we find something else to change during play testing.



“This week I fixed a few problems I experienced last week with the camera and physics when the player turns into an object. I fixed the camera occlusion by always attaching the camera on the front face of the bounding box. I fixed the bouncing problem by make the rigidbody sleep to temporarily remove it from the physics engine. Instead of switching meshes now I’m instantiating the whole object so it works for objects with hierarchy and all kinds of colliders. Then I started working on the hunter’s script. I implemented the basic functionalities including shooting, health, damage, death on a fake player, which is another instance of the player prefab with user control disabled.”



“I continued to work on the house project, and finished most/all of the house structure and lighting, and continued to make a yard/tennis court/pool/bonfire/trees/etc.  I also looking into creating the game boundaries, and further looked into what I will do with colliders.  For now, the colliders seem to work alright, so I will continue to use them as I have (each wall has two colliders).  I also placed objects throughout the house to make play testing possible and to give atmosphere to the environment, and to see if any revisions need to be made to our core ideas.  Some of the environment was scrapped due to lack of ideas with too much space to work with, so the map was slimmed down.  This also helps with lighting (due to the way I am rendering the ground).  A skybox was also added to give the illusion of a nighttime setting, which can always be changed (and may be changing during gameplay depending on how we determine time limits).


-Environment Images-

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.58.53 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.59.12 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.59.36 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.59.45 PM

Accomplishments Made by Team

We pretty much have a game at this point, minus some of the win/lose conditions.  That is, Sizhuo has done an amazing job fixing some of the transformation bugs, as well as getting hunter shooting/health implementation done.  Grayson’s environment was built piece-by-piece, but it looks amazing and will certainly be appealing to the player.  Oh, and Andrew’s network stuff is neat too…..I guess…..(will make much cooler stuff later!)



One potential problem is we have yet to test some functionality over network, such as player damage.  This should be an easy fix (as long as it works on a single instance, it should work just fine over network thanks to the network manager).


Grayson ran into some issues with environmental design, such as the yard being too large, the lighting being to light or dark in places, and even thinking of what should be included in the design.  This has mostly been figured out at this point.


Sizhuo had some troubles deciding which colliders to use for players, and how they would change with the meshes.  We want to make the game function well, but also not be too resource-intensive.  This should be worked out in play testing.


Andrew still has troubles with Oculus UI, so he is just going to make a UI for the game that works with Oculus (and apparently it’s frowned upon if the Network Manager HUD is used in Unity final projects…..)


Plans for next week


“The next step is to test the hunter’s script in the multiplayer setting. Sound and visual effects are to be added to make the shooting “sensible”. I will also work on other scripts interacting with objects, for example, a script for opening doors.”


“Things that will be worked on in the future include more environment additions (small, but help with the selection of props), as well as finding asset packs of items / props to add into the game. I will also be creating many props myself, but if time limits become an issue I may just have many repeating objects (which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing). Other than that, I feel like I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I should still be able to do this in the timeline.”


I will begin investigating how a canvas can be implemented in Unity, and design a main menu/”pretty” user HUD to make the game more aesthetically pleasing, as well as allowing play testing to be accurately performed with the Oculus Rift (because as it stands now, I can’t instantiate a server or client with the Oculus, as the button disappears.  Yes, I know I could just use some debug alternative, but this step needs to be done at some point anyhow).


Oh, and we still need a new team name….


Again, we are making solid progress, and plan to have some gaming functionality by next week, so that after Thanksgiving break we can work less on full implementation, and more on final touches and optimization.