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Team Object – Update Week 2

Individual Efforts  Andrew “I managed to figure out multiplayer implementation in Unity, in terms of setting up a server (as host) with 3 clients.  The implementation is not finished, as I still have some scripts to write in order to properly update player information to all players.  However, I have […]

Reading 9

For class 11/10/15 Post Comments by 11:59 pm on 11/8/15 The Use of Immersive Virtual Reality in the Learning Sciences: Digital Transformations of Teachers, Students, and Social Context Jeremy N. Bailenson and Nick Yee, Jim Blascovich and Andrew C. Beall, Nicole Lundblad, Michael Jin http://www.life-slc.org/docs/Bailenson_etal-immersiveVR.pdf Discussion (Pick 3) In the […]