Team Object’s Project

Team Prop Hunt – Andrew, Sizhuo, Grayson

Project – VR Game based on Prop Hunt called “Objective Hide and Seek” (or something, name is currently a placeholder)

Our project is going to be a multiplayer video game, based on an existing game called Prop Hunt.  Prop Hunt is a game mode/add on for Garry’s Mod, and is played similar to hide and seek.  There are two teams, hiders (props) and seekers (people).  The seekers get a weapon, and their goal is to find and eliminate the hiders before the time runs out.  The catch is, the hiders can turn into any object that they find, allowing them to blend into the existing environment!  This adds an interesting take on the game, and can be pretty fun with multiple people.  That is why we want create a multiplayer VR version of this, and see what kind of reactions we get.  Changing perspectives as you change props is a source of inspiration behind this idea.


Concept Art:

The image below was a game we thought about using at first (The Very Organized Thief), but we decided to combine this idea with another of ours.  This art style will be something we will try to mimic in this game, as it looks nice, yet is somewhat simple to create in 3D software.  To give the game variety, we will need to make a large amount of objects (a few dozen, at least), so we need to ensure we can finish all the items in the semester.


To give an example of the gameplay mechanics, here’s a Hider disguised as an orange.  Again, we figured a VR version would be cool, because you could see the world as an orange!  Different perspectives from different objects is key.




You can watch an entertaining video about some gameplay moments here, and there are many other videos displaying different versions of the game.  Prop Hunt is a popular game among Youtubers, modders, and gamers alike.


What We Know:

All three of us have sufficient programming experience, and are familiar with computer-related topics.  Thus, we already know how to program and create 3D objects, as well as do some game implementation.  We are not experience with Unity, but we will (hopefully) pick it up rather quickly.

What We Are Unsure About:

We have little experience with the Oculus Rift, as well as multiplayer implementation with Unity.  Again, with enough trial and error we should be able to figure this out, though it may take some time.

Equipment to Use:

  • Oculus Rift
  • Unity
  • Blender/SketchUp


Our first step includes making a few different 3D household objects, and running several test runs to see if we can get multiplayer implementation, and to figure out the Oculus configuration.  These two things are easily the hard part of this project, as after this is accomplished it’s just creating the environment/objects and assembling it all together.


Overall, we think this project is manageable and fun, and look forward to seeing what we can create!