Space Elevator, week 6

Individual Efforts:

B: Fixed navMeshAgent script issue with camping way points. There was a large difference between the collided sizes and the agent was getting stuck inside the way point and triggering too many on hit events. Scaled NASA data so it would work better with Unity. The Earth now uses accurate color, topographical, night time, and cloud data for a normal mapped night and day view of the Earth. Finished integrating  space scene with agent animation. Built CAVE test scene to look at agent movement speed, size, and distance for image presentation. I think I fixed my crashing issue with Unity by installing a new hard drive and running it isolated in that.Earth View

T: Continued work on visual aspects of simulation: pictures to swirl around the user and “posters” to symbolize each interaction point

L: Finalized interaction points and choices, found more pictures!


  • Interaction point system finalized.
    • The content of interaction groups has been set
    • What these interactions would look like is drafted
    • The result of interaction is split into reactive solutions vs preemptive solutions
  • Earth space scene layout and functionality done
    • Agent assets need to be added
    • Earth base state is finished
    • Animations for elevator movement and earth rotations finished
  • Agent scripting errors solved
  • We now have all the CAVE scripts and they seem to allow us to compile our own projects.
  • Processed NASA data to make Unity less crashy



  • Confirmed that Unity Pro is the only version where video textures are available. This is unfortunate as many of our on Earth effects were planned to be videos mapped as textures. However, we can split the video into sequential frames and update them with a script on the object. This requires more processing of the videos, so we might have to cut back on the number of them we use.
  • Unity caps textures at a maximum resolution of 8192, so the gigantic images we found can’t be put to full use. We’re considering cropping the images at different zoom levels and swapping them out to take advantage of the resolution.
  • CAVE test didn’t go as smoothly as hoped. There were issues with the agent movement scripts, but we think that’s resolved. There was no 3D which we don’t know if that’s been solved yet.
  • Unity stability

For Next Week:

  • Finish space scene with elevator and at least 2 image theme sets.
  • Determine how we want to organize the images
  • Narration dialog can be done, start recording on Wed.
  • Converting videos into image sequences
    • NASA CO2 video
    • Sea level masking threshold levels
  • Finished posters
  • Optional: Crop high res images and stack textures.