Warm-up Project

For your warm-up project we will ask you to combine electronic elements with an existing object in an integrative design. The project should support interaction (for example touch, light, sound) along with a response (light, sound, vibration, etc). The object can be anything from a pillow, to a sock to a shower curtain. However, the interaction and object should all be integrated into the design.

The project will be critiqued during class between class on Thursday, February 11th and class on Thursday February 18th.

Additionally, you could make a post (category Warm-up Projects) which includes

  1. video of your project showing it working
  2. A brief description of what it does
  3. A brief description of what you would like to do with this project if you had more time

This post should be completed before class on the 18th.

If you are looking for directions on how to create a video post, follow the directions on this page:



Q: Can I use this project as a stepping stone towards my final project?

As long as it meets the requirements of the warm-up project, you can absolutely use the warmup project as a building block for your final project.

Q: If I am planning to do two projects for my final project, can one of them be this warmup project?

As long as you can make all of the requirements and deadlines you can do this.