Replica Android Suit

Final Project Post

This project was an attempt to recreate a wearable illusion that a person is, physically, an android. It consisted of a bodysuit that all of the robotic pieces were attached to including all of the electronics. Included are: over 200 LEDs in the chest, arms, and back; 6 servos, 3 in each […]

Weekly Update #6

Past week was very tedious for progress. The hands have been fully patterned and one hand is fully finished, still building the fingers of the next. They those pieces will be off to paint as they are not necessary for electrical outputs. Final pieces have their final layers of paint […]

Weekly Update #5

I was not able to get as much done this weekend as I had wanted to but the end is near. I’m designing the final pieces of the fingers and all I have left are the fingertips. After the rest of the pieces are made, I plan to attach the […]

Weekly Update #4

Progress is speeding by. I finished the wiring and attaching the lighting on all the chest pieces, shoulder and upper arm pieces. I also completed building the Hand plates and encasing them in Worbla plastic. I also finished attaching the motor/light combo to the back pieces. I plan to finish […]

Weekly Update #3

There wasn’t a lot of progress this week due to another class having a major Project due but I am very confident in the work that was done. The engines were attached to the light ring that will reflect off the newly sculpted clear fan blades. Even if the fan […]

Weekly Update #2

Spring Break was exceptionally busy. First, I finished Patterning all of the armor pieces to be used to the Android, taking into account how far off my body it needs to be, where the lights and hardware will go, and how they will be attached. Next, I cut out the […]

Weekly Update #1

Progress has been slow to start, as expected. Due to exterior commitments with my personal prop business, the armor building has to be pushed back to next week.   However, this past week was spent working on orienting myself with all the various sensors and outputs I will be using. […]

Replica Android Suit

Description  Replica suit that is wearable and gives the appearance of a specific character. Images Materials/tools you’ll use/need Body suitEVA Foam3D printing for hands(maybe?) LED Strips 144/meter2 DC motorsMin servos for the arms Flex Sensors Wiring Conductive thread Ideas/concepts that you will need to master 3D drafting Complex Armor patterning […]