Final Post

This project was a response to the notion that women need to cover themselves and avoid “distracting men.” There are two layers to the piece, a modest outer layer consisting of the hood, jacket, and skirt; and a more “revealing” layer underneath consisting of the crop top and leggings. When […]

Weekly Update #6

The light sensors are in, the only thing left to sew in are the EL lights and panel. Hopefully there won’t be too many problems with the wire- I’m assuming the only problem will be making sure there’s enough slack for movement. The panel cannot be sewn in, so I’ll […]

Weekly Update #5

The sewing is basically done and I’ve moved on to adding the lights. Everything should work together, except the EL panel which has the wrong size of a “plug” to put into the board. I’m going to cut it’s wire and weld a smaller wire onto it and weld that […]

Weekly Update 4

The apparel section is almost done! The hood is finished and about to be attached. The only thing left to sew are the hem and edges. I think I will put an invisible zipper on the side of the crop top and attach the pants to the crop with a […]

Weekly Update #3

The leggings are done and the shirt is almost finished! I think I’ve solved the mystery of “where to put the zipper/how to connect the shirt to the pants/which shirt should use the hood.” I’m going to attach the hood to the black crop top, put an invisible zipper in […]

Weekly Update 2

For the past week I’ve mainly been focused on the apparel structure of the project rather than the electronics. I’ve been playing with the electronics a little bit, but won’t apply them until the entire outfit is complete. I’ve been working on the paperwork for the top and been trying […]

Weekly Update #1

So far everything is pretty much on schedule. The leggings are almost done, the elastic waist just needs to be inserted and the bottoms need to be hemmed. A pattern has been made for the shirt and the skirt’s pattern is starting to be drawn out. All of the equipment […]