Weekly Update #1


So far everything is pretty much on schedule. The leggings are almost done, the elastic waist just needs to be inserted and the bottoms need to be hemmed. A pattern has been made for the shirt and the skirt’s pattern is starting to be drawn out. All of the equipment for the EL wire has arrived, although I have not tested it yet.

Roadblocks- Nothing terrible has happened yet, but I am worried about taking to much time to construct the apparel only for the technology not to work out in the end or maybe even ruin the pieces I’ve made. I’m hoping to use my free time during Spring Break to my advantage since I’ll be here for most of it. I’m also still brainstorming ideas to enhance the technological part- make it more interesting and maybe even more complicated.

Plan for next week- finish leggings and shirt and hopefully the skirt’s pattern. Also I need to draft where the wires and conductive thread will go officially.