Speed Rashguard

Final Post

My project is a rash guard or fitness jacket that lights up depending on changes in movement in order to act as a source of motivation and amusement for the user. I used neopixels along the arms and connected them in the back with wires hidden with a blue fabric hand […]

Weekly Update #5

This week I sewed the lilypad and accelerometer to the rash guard and connected the led strip as well. I started working on soldering the wires to the other side of the led strip but couldn’t manage to solder it properly. Later today I am going to pick up fabric […]

Weekly Update #4

This week I finished soldering the accelerometer and the neopixel strip to the lilypad. I have been working on coding. I have been recording numbers from the accelerometer and have tried out different code with the neopixels. I have been working on combining the accelerometer and neopixel code and have […]

Weekly Update #3

Accomplishments: I re-soldered the wires to the accelerometer. I connected the accelerometer and got reasonable values. I redesigned the rash guard to hide the accelerometer with 3D printed pieces that I made. I bought a rash guard instead of using the wetsuit that I bought. I decided to do this because […]

Weekly Update

This week I worked on putting together code for the accelerometer and the RGB led strip. I worked on the accelerometer and the led strip separately. I also went to a thrift shop to buy wetsuits to use for the wetsuit top. I am considering attaching the sleeves to a wetsuit […]

Weekly Update #1

This week I worked on the accelerometer portion of my project. I soldered wires to the accelerometer because when I tried using conductive thread it was too close together. After that, I used alligator clips to hook up the accelerometer and ran some basic code to get numbers. I also […]

Final Project Pitch

Project Title: Speed Rashguard Project Team Member: Erica Lewis Project Description I would like to create a rashguard that changes color depending on movement. For example, at slower speeds it might show a yellow color where at faster speeds it might show a green color. It would be ideal to […]