Final Post

I created a fiber optic skirt. I used the Lilypad and attached LED lights along the waistband. The LED lights are intended to meet up with the fiber optics and illuminate the skirt. The copper beads dangle from the waistband and when they come in contact withe conductive fabric it […]

Weekly Update #1

This past week I finally completed my tapestry. I am beginning to weave in the fiber optics. I think it is looking really nice so far. I am brainstorming the best way to construct a frame that will hide the LED strip right now. I think I will move onto […]


Project Title: Collaboration (culmination of all my class projects) Project Team Members: Manzeck party of one Project Description: A woven tapestry diptych with fiber optics demonstrates their use and function as a test for the final piece.   The final piece will be woven yardage with fiber optics that will […]