Final Post and Email Guidelines

As an initial note, remember that your final post will be the first thing the outside world will see when they find your project.  This post should include the following items: Upload images and videos of your final project and an image of your final poster as a JPG Describe […]

Poster Requirements

Send digital file of your poster by the 28th so we can compile them in a powerpoint to project during event.   For the final project showcase, you will need to make a poster for your work.  An example of how your poster could look can be found at: […]

Additional Posting Items for April 3rd

For your posting for April 3rd, in addition to your normal posting items, we would like you to answer these questions What percentage would you estimated that you have completed for your project? How much has the project changed since your initial pitch? What major hurdles do you have left? […]

Weekly Project Posting Guidelines

Due: Every Sunday night at 11:59 (exception for Spring Break week March 27, 2016) Project posting is an essential part of documenting your progress in the class.  These posts will help us to monitor your progress, aid other students in the course who may have similar issues, and enable us to […]

Initial Project Post

Due: For class Thursday, March 3rd For your initial post we will have you describe your project for the web.  We will view these at the beginning of class on Thursday so make sure you have your post on time.  For your post copy the formatting below and fill in the […]

Final Project Pitch Repost

Since this post fell below all of the great warm-up project posts I thought I would repost this to make it easy to find. I have also added the post to the menu.  Email us if you have any questions.

Final Project Pitch

For your final project please prepare a 5-minute (or more) presentation on your final project.   This should be in powerpoint, keynote, or similar format. Use a flash drive, dropbox, or laptop to present.  You will need to make a final pitch in class Tuesday, February 23 or before. You presentation […]

Warm-up Project Hand-in

We will have you submit your warm-up project in two different ways.  The first will be a short in-class demonstration to show your project working.  This will happen in class between the 11th and the 18th. The second method for handing in your project will be in the form of […]

Warm-up Project Extension

The original due date for the Warm-up project was this Thursday, Febraury 11.  However, we are offering a one week extension for students who need it.  If you are close to being done, please target the original date on the 11th.

Warm-up Project

For your warm-up project we will ask you to combine electronic elements with an existing object in an integrative design. The project should support interaction (for example touch, light, sound) along with a response (light, sound, vibration, etc). The object can be anything from a pillow, to a sock to […]