Poster Requirements

Send digital file of your poster by the 28th so we can compile them in a powerpoint to project during event.


For the final project showcase, you will need to make a poster for your work.  An example of how your poster could look can be found at:×1024.jpg


The poster size is up to 42” wide by 42” long. (can be smaller, this is the largest width )


The poster should include:

Your Name(s)

Name of the Project

  • Include a link to the project page on the class website


  • What the project is intended to do. (One Sentence.)

Inspiration Images

  • Images from other projects/designs/ideas that motivated you to undertake this project.
  • Cite where they came from.

Project Description (Bullet Point List)

  • Why you felt this was important to design
  • Why is your project unique
  • Examples of how your project could be used
  • Where this project could go in the future

Images of the Final Project

  • Good quality images that convey the way the design fits the body.



Tips on how to make a successful poster


Product design posters